How to Streamline Content Creation

How to Streamline Content Creation

(1). Create a publishing schedule and stay committed to it. Plan it in a way that works well for you as well as for your readers. Never overextend yourself. It’s not necessary that you publish on a daily basis. Some bloggers post weekly or even bi-weekly.

(2).Throughout your day when good blog post ideas come to mind, stop and write them down. When clients ask questions add those answers and the ideas that come from them to your list.

(3). Create an outline for your posts. This can keep you on point so you don’t wander off on short tangents that are not relative to your post. It helps save time on both the writing and the editing of your posts.

(4). Always have a few backup posts ready for times when life throws you a curve and your time and attention is needed elsewhere.

(5).Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Follow blueprints of blogs that are tried, tested, and proven. Blogs are structured in a fairly straightforward way.

(6). One neat little trick is to take a kitchen timer and set it at 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes take a break and reward yourself with something like a cup of coffee or a donut. Getting up from your chair is what helps you. When you get back to it you are more re-focused and more energized.

Naturally, streamlining blog content is a great idea. However, never turn it into a speed-writing contest. Blog for the sole purpose of helping and delighting your target audience.

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