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In this article we look at taking online surveys as a method of earning some extra money. This has been a online money making method for many years now but it’s best days are probably behind it. Anyway lets crack on.


Making money with survey site is extremely easy. The process begins with you signing up with the company, you fill in your individual details that enables surveys to be tailored for you, some surveys have age restrictions or are only applicable for parents or perhaps are aimed at women only – you should make certain that the information you fill in is accurate. You then login to the site and see what surveys are available , you complete the survey and you will get paid for filling it in. Some surveys only pay a small amount of money and others may pay in gift cards. The surveys are usually questionnaires about new products, services, and the very latest trends.

You should always check the surveys dashboard and look at email address from time to time as many companies will send survey requests via email only and I would recommend that you sign up with as many companies as possible. The rate of surveys can vary wildly and this is definitely not a consistent source of income, also the rate of pay can vary wildly per survey and company.

You should also do a bit of research, make sure the company is a known player in the market and not scam artist who will run away with your earnings. Luckily we have several companies listed below which are all reliable.

Survey Companies

There are lots of differing survey companies out there that you can join. Here is a selection to choose from

Click here to join
Pinecone research UK
Zen Surveys
Get Paid to Read Emails, take surveys, Search the Web, $5 Signup Bonus.
Inbox Pounds UK
Quickrewards HomePage – surveys, shopping, emails and more – Get paid for your opinion. Join free start earning today.
Survey Junkie
Earn money by completing online surveys. Many smart adults like you are already experiencing it through PanelPlace. What are you waiting for? Sign up is free. Start earning cash today.
Make money doing surveys on your computer while the kids take a nap! Join for free. It’s easy and fun.

There are many more than this, a quick search on the net should produce some examples.

Some of the survey companies pay in cash via PayPal so I recommend you have a valid account to receive payments, some pay through bank transfer, and some companies through rewards which can be in the form of gift cards such as amazon or iTunes. There are other options as well – I have seen discounts being offered on products.

Also a few of the sites have other offers other than surveys – I’d recommend completing these as well

You s



Sign up with lots of survey companies to improve your chances of making money – the more companies you signup with and surveys you submit the more emails you will get

Fill out your profile thoroughly and accurately. A lot of surveys that will be available to you rely on the information that you have entered into your profile.

Do not use your main email address but use a legit secondary email address – check this email address regularly for new surveys.

Take your time when completing the surveys. Some surveys throw in similar questions and if your answers are inconsistent you may not be paid and may not get other surveys.

Fill out as many surveys as possible and as quickly as they are listed as possible – a lot of surveys are limited with regards the amount of valid responses. If you are too slow or too picky then you may miss out.

Bear in mind that depending where you are located in the world will impact the amount of surveys you recieve and the money earned from them. Its a simple fact that companies want people who live in wealthier countries and use certain products and services to answer the surveys.


A very easy way of making money online – in fact one of the simplest with many surveys being simple question like yes or no or true or false (not all of them though)

You should only treat online surveys as a complimentary source of income, it is not really passive income source other than the fact you signup with a site and surveys are available but it can take time to complete these surveys and fill in your profile. Some survey companies have referral schemes and if you can refer others then that would be a passive source – you either get a percentage of their earnings or a flat rate.

If you need an extra source of income it can be a reasonable source but the online survey space is so heavily over saturated its staggering – there are hundreds of thousands of people doing this already and the days of doing this full time to earn a living is gone. Saying that if you need some money then its better than nothing and can be one of the better ways of making money – certainly better than paid to read emails and surfing usually

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