What is Clickfunnels and what is it used for?

In this article we take a look at Clickfunnels. A tool that can help you make a lot of money on the internet.

What on earth is Clickfunnels?

This is an online tool that allows you to create landing page very easily, you can also create sales funnels with upsell/downsell functionality and even membership groups. I’ll speak about a funnel later.

How easy is Clickfunnels to use?

I’m slightly biased as I would say that I have a good level of ability with various pieces of software whether they are online or on my PC. I would say that design wise I am hopeless and have little graphic design ability (I always buy products like themes, graphics, stock footage), luckily Clickfunnels came with many built in templates which saved any playing about with designing as they were perfect for my needs.

It also took care of adding a payment processor into my test funnel, in this case I used Paypal but it offered others such as Stripe, again cutting down the hassle of creating the landing page.

Clickfunnels, using its drag and drop page builder will let you easily create a sequence of web pages dedicated to selling your products or service, without the usual niche website needs such as several good long form articles, tons of SEO work and other time consuming tasks.

You create a funnel, drive the traffic in from websites, social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and any other online source to your pages where they will hopefully buy your products

What exactly is a funnel?

Lets look at a basic example, unrelated but a real life internet example

When you but a domain name from a company, you will typically be presented with other options that you can buy. The domain name may be the low cost part but the company would like to tempt you with other products that may be beneficial to you. Back to the domain example.

You buy the domain name but you see domain name privacy as an add on and then you see an SSL certificate and you want to start a secure store (very important), they also offer a powerful hosting solution.

Hey rather than using different companies, I can use the same company for all these products. Now, rather than a simple $9.99 a year domain name sale the company may have gotten another $20 to $100 in sales. Imagine that with many customers.

That’s an easy example of a funnel but typically what you will see. A low price initial purchase, lets say an ebook which then leads to higher priced offerings typically when a customer is about to make the purchase and already prepared to spend the money you would present the ‘hey, what about adding this’ sales pitch. Done correctly you can potentially make hundreds and in some cases thousands per sale.

How does Clickfunnels help?

Clickfunnels allows you to create the following

Optin/lead capture funnels – Using this type of funnel you can capture leads to build your email list

Sales funnels – As you may have guessed this funnel allows you to sell products and services, with the ability to add upsells/downsells to your sales process

Membership sites – an often forgotten method of making money this allows you to create a membership site, done correctly a real money spinner

Courses – One of the staples of making money and in particular passive income you can create a course and put that into a membership area.

Webinar Funnel – make a webinar that can be used to capture leads

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Clickfunnels Pros and Cons

Lets look at what I perceive as the pros and cons of Clickfunnels


Very easy to use editor
Can be integrated into WordPress
Intuitive Drag and Drop editor
Comes with many built-in features
Very easy to share funnels with other people
Integrates with major platforms and payment providers
Includes a shopping cart and autoresponder
Fantastic product support with supporting materials and webinars
Can be used to sell Physical or Digital Products
Split testing tool which allows you test different landing pages


Limits on the number of funnels, pages and visitors on the basic plan
May take a little time for a novice to pick up
A little on the expensive side especially for beginners
You really need a custom domain to point to the funnel URL

OK, so I would say a lot more pros than cons

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels has two plans.

The lowest cost option is called Startup which costs $97 and the other one is Full Suite which costs $297.

The main differences between the two plans are the number of landing pages and sales funnels you can have. In the $297 plan you get unlimited funnels, visitors, pages, custom domains, contact leads.

I recommend starting with the low cost plan, making your money and paying for it then when the profits are hopefully coming in moving to the $297 plan, sounds obvious but its amazing how many people, in particular beginners wade into the deep end and spend more than they need to.

You can always try the 14 day trial offer first, you should be able to easily get a feel for it – just make sure you set aside plenty of time to get as much out of it as possible – don’t waste those 2 weeks.


Basically give the trial a go, get in the mindset of ‘I have two weeks to do as much as possible’ with Clickfunnels. I found the software easy to use and I don’t think its a particularly high learning curve

That’s what I did and I purchased the startup plan.

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