Best cryptocurrency faucets to earn crypto

A faucet is a site which drips small amounts of cryptocurrency, you will not get rich with these sites although the payouts can vary between different ones.

Typically a faucet is designed to generate revenue for the owner so you can expect to see pop up windows, multiple banners, short links and sometimes browser mining. Also you will fill in or complete various captcha solutions including the enormously annoying reCaptcha
If you can tolerate all of this then you will earn some crypto – many of these sites pay out directly to Faucethub.

The best sites in my opinion are the faucets that pay into coinpot, here are the list of them with a quick description

Moon Doge – as the name suggests this site is a faucet for collecting Dogecoin, you can claim every 5 minutes

Moon Dash – this faucet is dedicated to Dash, you can claim every 5 minutes

Moon LiteCoin – this is a litecoin faucet, you can claim every 5 minutes

Moon Bitcoin – this is a bitcoin faucet, you can claim every 5 minutes

Moon Bitcoin Cash – this is a bitcoin cash faucet, you can claim every 5 minutes

Bitfun – this is a games site where you can earn bitcoin, there is also a faucet you can collect from

BonusBitcoin – this is another bitcoin faucet, you can claim every 15 minutes. The more claims you make means you can earn a bonus every day

The key to these sites is to collect at regular intervals and visit the sites every day to build up the loyalty bonus to 100% which means you effectively double your claim. There is also the ability to mine which is through the browser and inefficient but if you want to do this you can. You need to be aware that many virus scanners block the scripts that run now though.

If you can get people to visit through a personal link you get when you sign up you can earn a referral, earn enough of these and you can get a 100% referral bonus as well. There are a lot of people advertising and spending money trying to refer people so this may be something that you do not explore further – seeing as we are assuming you have zero to minimal crypto in this ebook.

Of course coinpot deals with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and its own tokens and offers an exchange facility this means that you can claim in all of the faucets and then focus on one particular crypto if you want therefore boosting the amount of the one you wish to focus on.

I tend to focus on bitcoin so I convert others to that then transfer to my wallet.

Other faucets

There are many other faucets out there but as stated earlier you will encounter some staggering amount of ads, pop ups and unders and short links on them. Short links are the worst, not because there is anything bad about these services, its just that they don’t check who is using there services so you can end up with pornographic ads, fake virus warnings and even executables being downloaded.

Saying that here are some of the better ones and the reasons why.

Allcoins – Supports many common coins and several more unusual ones so its very handy for starting out on these. Also has games, offerwalls , PTC ads and an autofaucet facility. You can also use an exchange facility if you have a preferred coin. Has always paid out and I have used these for coins such as Etehreum Classic, Digibyte and a few others

FaucetCrypto – Supports 28+ coins at the time of writing, you get a collection of claims every day. Has an exchange facility so you can again focus on one coin

Cointiply – A faucet which you roll a number and depending on the number range you earn coins, also has offerwalls, PTC ads, video and  various games that you can play for free. 35000 coin payout, is quite high.

FireFaucet – the best autofaucet bar none, usually these are a waste of time but this one works well, pays out to Faucethub and you can let the site run itself. Again it runs on a claim basis, you can earn claims through the faucet, ptc ads and a daily bonus.


There are many faucets to earn a little crypto – that last phrase is key here, a little crypto. You will not get rich with this and it is literally only a very small amount. Sating that if you want to start picking up some bitcoin then its a fairly stress free way of doing so. remember you can log in only once a day – so effectively you can do this in about 10 minutes a day maximum.



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