Ideas for making a profitable youtube channel

Sometimes it can be tough to come up with that winning idea for a vlog that will make you a healthy profit. So to help you we have some great ideas for you in this chapter. We hope that you find an idea here that you can run with.

Video Games

Are you someone that enjoys playing video games a lot? There are so many people that play video games these days and there is always room for another great vlog on the subject. New games appear all of the time, and with the rise in popularity of Amazon’s there is so much scope for you to create quality videos. The secret to a successful video game vlog is providing the gaming community with what they want. If they enjoy the videos you create then they will spread the word for you and your vlog will grow exponentially. Here are some ideas for videos you can create:

You playing a specific game and cracking a level or beating a boss monster etc

A live stream about a particular game
A review of a game (old or new)
Your top 10 video games
Create a game walkthrough
Provide gaming news videos

Tutorials or How To Videos

A lot of people search YouTube to find out how to do something. So do you have a particular set of skills or are you an expert in a particular subject? If so then a series of “how to” videos would be a great vlogging idea for you. People are always using the Internet to ask questions, and videos are far and away the most popular medium that people choose to get the answers that they need. There are just endless opportunities for
“how to” video tutorials. You can definitely promote affiliate products or sell your own products on the back of a vlog like this.

Here are some ideas for you:

How to build something
How to make money online
Life skills
Personal development skills
How to get a girlfriend / boyfriend and subsequent relationship advice
Learn a new language
How to get that new job and keep it
How to make money in stocks, foreign exchange etc

Computers and Tech

Do you like computers and tech gadgets? Are you an expert on mobile devices? There are so many people that just love computers and tech and would be delighted to find out what is coming next etc. The world of technology changes all of the time so you will never run out of ideas for videos. Here are some good ideas:

Useful apps for your smartphone
The best laptops
How to use popular software such as Microsoft Office
New technology reviews
Tech product comparisons
Computer hacks and little known shortcuts
Create your own website
Registering a domain name
How to make your computer faster
How to fix common computer problems

Weight Loss and Fitness

Do you have knowledge about how to lose weight and keep it off? Are you a fitness expert? The demand for “how to” videos in this area is huge. And the subject is so vast that you should never run out of new ideas for videos. Here are some ideas to think about:

Weight loss tips
Compare popular diets e.g. Paleo, Keto etc
Healthy eating recipes
How to avoid food and beverages that will make you gain weight
Exercising for beginners
How to do an exercise properly e.g. push ups
How to get fit and ripped without going to the gym
The benefits of yoga
Specific yoga exercises

Personal Development

This is another huge subject. People always want to improve their lives and if you have the knowledge to help them to do this then it can open all kinds of doors for you. Here are some great ideas for videos:

X ways to be more confident
How to overcome your fears
How to break through your comfort zone
How to set goals and achieve them
How to increase your self esteem
How to be a great conversationalist
How to persuade people to do anything
How to use NLP to change your life
How to stop living in the past


Do you like traveling? Have you been, or plan to go, on an adventure across the world? Can you provide recommendations for the best things to do in popular countries and cities? Do you want to spend your life traveling the world and enjoying new experiences? So many other people do as well! It is true that there are already a lot of travel vlogs out there but there is always room for more. Just do something different to the rest.

Here are some ideas for you:

Cool places you won’t have visited
The insider guide to a popular tourist attraction
Finding those isolated beaches
How to survive in [location]
The top 10 places you must visit
The best way to pack a suitcase
Travelling on a budget


Are you a musician? Can you teach people how to play an instrument or how to sing properly? Do you know a lot about retro music? Music is huge on YouTube and good “how to” videos are always popular.

Here are some ideas for you:

How to play the guitar
How to play the drums
How to sing
How to fix a broken instrument
The best guitars (or whatever instrument) available
How to read and write music
Famous song covers
How to write great lyrics
The best bands of [genre, decade etc]
How to use an audio editor to mix music
Music equipment reviews


Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are about pets. Everyone has seen a funny cat video or a dog doing special tricks. There are many animal lovers in the world and they can’t get enough content about pets.

Here are some great video ideas:

How to take care of your pet (cat, dog, guinea pig, horse etc)
How to train your dog – so many possibilities here
How to teach your cat/dog to do tricks
The best clothes for your cat/dog
The best names for your new pet
The best accessories for your new pet
How to groom your pet
Exotic pets
Traveling with your pet
The best food for your pet


Are you someone that knows how to apply makeup correctly? Are you in touch with all the latest fashions? Can you provide tips and advice for smoother and healthier skin? This market is massive and the demand for information will always be there.

Here are some great video ideas:

Different makeup tutorials
How to make your skin look younger
How to take care of your hair
The best outfits for the larger person
The latest fashion accessories you must have
How to chose the perfect outfit for the occasion
The best shoes for women
The latest fashion trends
How to look stunning on a budget
Manicure and pedicure tutorials

Cooking, Recipes and Food

Can you teach people how to cook? Can you show them how to create great tasting meals? Do you have great recipes to share? Do you know the best restaurants? Can you tell people what to eat when they visit specific countries or cities? Food is a huge subject and always in demand. Here are some awesome video ideas for you:

How to cook [whatever it is]
Eating well on a budget
The best dishes in [location]
The top 10 restaurants in [location]
How to make healthy snacks
The best foods for losing weight
Exotic cooking
Recipes for dishes you have never heard of
The must have kitchen accessories
How to prepare food properly
How to bake perfect cakes
Meals that will delight your family
What to eat when you are visiting [location]

We hope that you find these ideas inspiring. Creating a vlog that contains “how to” videos is a great way to go and you will be able to monetize in a number of different ways. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, so have a good look at what you know and develop a plan for your vlog.

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