Use Forum Marketing to promote clickbank products

What follows is a step by step directions for successful forum marketing of Clickbank products. Please note that you should have your three-layer content marketing system already set up. This is a series of articles posted on your blog that link to each other. You have to have these ready. These are not only targeted to your keywords, but they also compare different Clickbank products in your niche. Look at the three-layer content marketing portion of this book to get the inside scoop on how to set this up.

Step by step directions for Clickbank forum marketing

Step #1

Use Google to get a massive list of forums in your niche

Now that you have a massive list of keywords related to the products that you’re going to be promoting, as well as your niche, enter these keywords one by one into Google to look for forums. You’re not looking for blog posts. You’re not looking for Quora questions. You’re not looking for places to post Facebook comments on. Instead, you’re looking for actual forum discussions or, better yet, forums that are directly targeting your niche.

If you can’t forums that are directly related to your niche, look for sub-forums that are directly related. If you can’t find that, look for off-topic or general chat sections of these forums where people talk about your niches.

Step #2

Create a “real” looking account complete with your picture, biography and other details

Please note that you don’t have to include your personal picture. You can just use a picture that is related to your niche. The point is that your forum account must look real. This means that when people look at your profile, they would see a picture and a short biography. Make it look real. Do whatever you need to do to make it look real.

Step #3

Post 50 to 100 times to establish a track record

I know this may seem like a lot. But if you are really into communicating with other people, sharing your thoughts, and otherwise engaging with forum members, you will be able to post 50 to 100 times over a number of days fairly easily.

During this time, you should not drop any links. This is very important. Because if you drop links from day one, you’re going to make people suspicious. People might think you’re a spammer. Just interact with people. Ask questions. Raise issues. If they say something controversial, call them out on it. Always be respectful, but get the conversation going.

Step #4

Once you have established some level of credibility by posting 100 times, find high-quality third-party links that people are interested in and share that link and talk about that content. You’re sharing this material to get a conversation going. For the next 100 posts, 30 of those posts must involve some third party link.

This must be high quality content and it should be obvious that you’re doing this to get conversation going. Do not post the same link over and over again. Also, use many different sites. Don’t just use one site. You should not create a pattern where it’s very easy to see that you are there to promote.

Step #5

After 200 posts, drop your own level one link as a response

On forums, you can post in two ways. You can either create a discussion thread or you can reply to one. When you reply, you’re just answering an existing conversation. For 100 posts, respond to other people. But once you reach your 200th post, look for a conversation that is most related to the topics raised by your level one content and discuss these issues. Copy and paste stuff from your content and then link to your page as a source.

Step #6

Drop your level one link as a discussion thread after 300 or more posts

From 200 posts to your 300th post, engage. Do not post your own links. Instead, build more credibility. By the time that you have 300 posts to your name, you should be able to create a discussion about your layer one content. I hope you understand how this works. Follow this sequence. Otherwise, you’re going to be dismissed as a spammer.

Resist the temptation of just dropping links and leaving. That’s not going to help you. People are not going to click your link. Also, many forums enable users to create signatures. These are clickable lines of text under their forum account names.

Since you’re going to be trying to fly under the radar, it’s a bad idea to use such a link. Don’t do it. The only way you’re going to be linking to your website is through the actual discussions and responses to discussions.

In addition to message boards and forums, you might also want to consider using Reddit. Take special care when working with Reddit. You’d be better off looking for a Sub-Reddit dedicated to your niche or something closely related. Use the same rules I mentioned above to establish credibility before starting your own discussion threads with your link in them.