Use twitter marketing to promote clickbank products

Follow the step by step directions below to set up your own automated Twitter marketing campaign.

Step #1

Using your keywords, find content using a tool like BuzzSumo

I recommend using BuzzSumo because this online tool intentionally looks for content on social media based on certain keywords and niches. It then ranks this material based on their social engagement levels.

When you get access to this type of content using your niche keywords, you can rest assured that the content you see are viral or have enough traction on social media. You don’t have to use BuzzSumo. There are other similar tools out there. Regardless, you need to use that kind of tool, otherwise it’s going to be very hard for you to do this manually.

You’re going to have to go through a lot of content and manually check the social signals. It’s very tedious. It burns a lot of time. In many cases, you still are not sure if you got the right content.

Step #2

Find your competitors on Twitter and find their keywords

Now that you have a massive list of niche and product related keywords, use these on Twitter to find all your competitors. Get as many of them as possible. Next, look at the hashtags that they normally use with their posts and copy and past them into a file. Get as many of them as possible.

Step #3

Load HootSuite with BuzzSumo-retrieved high engagement content

Now that you have a massive list of highly viral content in your niche, you load them up into HootSuite or some other auto-publication and scheduling tool and auto-publish with your target hashtags. Make sure you use one or two hashtags with each tweet. This way, you get a chance at drawing traffic in more ways than one.

In addition to the third-party content that you are scheduling for publication using HootSuite, you should also rotate in your layer one, layer two and layer three content. Use a link shortener service like For each of these tweets, rotate among your target hashtags.

Step #4

Follow your competitors’ most active real followers

While HootSuite and SocialOomph or some other auto-publishing tool you are using runs in the background, you should manually look at your competitors and look at who is following them. Go to those accounts and pay attention to the activities of those followers.

If it’s obvious to you that these followers are active and are truly interested in your niche, follow them. The strategy here is pretty simple. On Twitter, a certain percentage of people will automatically follow you back when you follow them. Not everybody does this, but around 20%30% of people will do this.

The key here is to create a following of not only active real followers, but people who are truly interested in your niche. If you do this right, you build a tremendous amount of credibility with the high-quality curated content that you’re sharing and this can draw eyeballs to your layer one, layer two, layer three content and this can lead to traffic to those pages.

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