Automated Facebook marketing for selling clickbank products

Follow the steps below to set up an automated marketing system using the Facebook platform.

Step #1

Using your keywords, find high engagement content using BuzzSumo or some other tools

Read chapter 9 again and follow the instructions all the way to step 3. Skip the hashtag part. All steps are exactly the same.

Step #2

Use your keywords to find Facebook pages and groups in your niche

Once you’ve loaded your Facebook page with curated content, the next step is for you to find Facebook pages and groups that are interested in your niche.

Step #3

Engage with other niche related Facebook pages and groups

Go to those Facbook pages and groups and like stuff, comment and share your reactions. You’re not dropping any links at this point. You just want to be seen as an active member of the

community. After about a couple weeks actively engaging with people and getting them to like your comments, you should then start to drop links to your Facebook page posts. These posts feature third-party content that has been curated.

Step #4

Drop your site’s links from time to time and keep the engagement posts going

It’s important to make sure that you do not abandon the Facebook pages and groups that you are tracking. These are all directly related to your niche. You have to keep up your engagement with them and still be an active part of the community. But from time to time, share links from your page.

The strategy here is to get people to notice this content. If they like the content, they can click through to your page. If they notice that they like the content on your page, they can then like your page. Your end goal is to grow the amount of likes your page gets.

Considering the fact that Facebook is actively reducing the influence of pages, you have your work cut out for you. However, if you do this right, you can build a solid and loyal following of niche fans using this technique.

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