Make money by Working at Home being a Translator

If you have learnt another language or many other languages there are many jobs online that could use your skills. You will need to have a resume for some of the companies and the vast majority require you to take some sort of online test. Now you may think that services like google translate may have reduced the requirement for this type of job but although useful the service only does an adequate job of the basics. So many companies are on the lookout for translators but they don’t want an office full of staff hence the need for freelancers and work from home employees.

There are a number of companies online that need translation services, here is our list of them.
You can translate blog articles, social media posts, support tickets, and more if you are accepted. You get paid by the word via paypal
Send an email with your cv and pass a test to be potentially added to their team of translators
Create a free account and take a two-part test. Pass a Pro qualification test to unlock access to more challenging projects at higher reward rates. They have a calculator which shows the langauges that pay out the most.
Earn money reviewing and improving translations in a number of languages, such as English, French, German and Simplified Chinese. Most the work is user-generated content such as emails, customer support messages, blog posts, comments, reviews, subtitles, product descriptions, FAQ articles, chat, etc
Another translation service that you sign up online and get trained to start your translation work. The work is flexible and you can work anytime you want. You get notified of any available projects and payments are through PayPal.
This company hires interpreters in various countries and claims to support 240+ languages
Flexible work in Transcription, Translation and Linguistics. They also have Micro Tasks and Rater jobs available online.
Once your profile has been approved, you are free to work on the translation or copywriting tasks that suit you, based on your preferences and availability. Payment via Payoneer or PayPal in 7 to 14 days
Set up your Bureau Works account and then take a timed online translation test. Bureau Works automates job allocations so that everyone in our community has a fair shot at being successful
They have two categories of translator: generalist or specialist. Generalist has far more requirements like 5 years continuous translation experience in a commercial environment whereas Specialist requires 2 years continuous translation experience in your area of specialty
They are always looking for highly skilled linguists to add to their team
To work for this company you will have to apply and take an online exam, followed by sending in your relevant certifications. If accepted, you can work and get paid whenever you wish.You can get paid using their One Hour Translation MasterCard which you can use to withdraw your earnings directly to it, anywhere in the world or they offer payments via PayPal and wire transfer.
On this site the company offers translations of apps in different languages. This will be your role if accepted to translate apps to other languages.You just need to Sign Up,Take a Test, Get Graded and then Receive Jobs. Payment is through PayPal in US dollars.
You can sign up to translate subtitles. The quoted rate is $1.50-$3.00 Per audio/video minute. You are paid weekly into your PayPal account.
They are always looking for freelance and contract translators, editors, and language lead. At the time of writing this article they had 16 openings.
They look for translators with experience translating subtitles, subtitling videos using subtitle software, and translation for voice overs. They look for 5+ years experience as a professional translator and a University level degree
Languages Unlimited recruits interpreters and translators on a regular basis. Once a profile is created, you will then be contacted (when needed) by one of their representatives for further discussion and evaluation.
USA TRANSLATIONS offers translations worldwide, and boasts more than 100 different languages – there a few language pairs they are interested in. E-mail your résumé
Translations of product descriptions in online shops or catalogues, company descriptions and profiles, glossaries, blog articles, instructions and notes for apps or games, news texts. You sign up as a clickworker and apply for any jobs that become available.
An online translation agency that receives translation assignments from customers. These assignments and payments (minus our commission) to freelancers like you. Only after you pass the initial test will job offers be emailed to you. You can accept or reject them, with no obligations. After you accept a job, you download the documents, translate them, and upload the translations back to us. When the customer accepts the translation, you get paid.

You can also check job sites, based in the UK there are many sites such as Indeed

A variety of jobs are posted on freelance sites like upwork,,, and as well although this can be competitive and tends to pay not as well, you can also check out fiverr if you are looking to gain experience and get a few gigs under your belt.



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